Dear Toronto

Dear Toronto where do I start?
Thanking this city’s enormous heart
Without exception you have been kind
In these dark days; the rarest find
From the streetcar driver who took his time
To the patient folk who wait in line
Every day I have a smile
At strangers going the extra mile
The friends I’ve made along the way
I am grateful to you every day
When I glanced over and caught your eye
You paused instead of rushing by
That’s all it took to make me brave
Next time a nod and then a wave
And then a chat, and then coffee
In busy lives you made time for me
Sometimes it was just a moment or two
But a connection was there I hope you knew
We could have had more if time allowed
For that feeling this city should be proud
Openness surrounds me everyday
Trust and care is the Toronto way
When I reached out it held my hand
Nothing in return did it demand
It makes a difference to your day
(The sun helps too I have to say)
But even when it was crazy cold
It gave me courage, it made be bold
So I pushed my kids to do more too
and you embraced them the way you do
You helped them be the best they can
The only hope in a parents plan
They’ve met people here from far and wide
Sharing cultures and values with great pride
The goal is simple – to get along
And Toronto’s message is “you belong”
Why do I write this? I hear you ask
Well Britain faces an enormous task
To stand alone and turn its back
Or work together, with all its flak
My take home message is very clear
It works. There is no need to fear.
It’s not perfect, I am not naive
But together is stronger I do believe.

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